Sweden faces Ukraine at the Hampden Park in Glasgow in another clash from the 1/8-finals of the Euro 2020. One of these two teams is going to reach the 1/4-finals of the competition, but which one? Let’s discuss in our online soccer betting tips. That’s a good moment to do it.


Despite the fact that they were in the company of Spain and Poland, Sweden won their group with a style. The Scandinavians are unbeaten so far in the competition and currently have a record of two wins and one draw. They kicked off their campaign with a draw against Spain, which was followed by two consecutive wins against Slovakia and Poland. Janne Andersson’s team conceded just twice in the tournament so far, and the defense is one of their biggest weapons right now. They are very solid at the back which is obviously good news for the team.


An injury stopped Zlatan Ibrahimovic from playing at the Euro 2020, but the Swedes are doing well enough without him. Alexander Isak is arguably one of the most talented young strikers in Europe while the influential midfielder Emil Forsberg scored three goals in the competition so far. So far Janne Andersson is using a compact 4-4-2 formation which is giving his team a very good balance. Sweden are solid at the back, but at the same time they are dangerous in the attacking phase and they are scoring some goals. This Swedish team looks really good so far.


RB Leipzig’s midfielder Emil Forsberg is clearly the man of the hour for Sweden right now. With three goals scored so far he’s one of the leading goalscorers of Euro 2020 so far. We expected that Alexander Isak, Marcus Berg and Robin Quaison will be the men with the goals, but so far Forsberg is doing an impressive job in this regard. Lately he was speaking to the press and he hailed Sweden’s collective effort so far. It’s true that right now Sweden do not have a global super star such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic anymore, but what they do so good is playing like a true team. That’s really important in this case.


The whole Swedish defense deserves compliments for its performance so far. Victor Lindelof and Markus Danielsson are doing impressive job as a center-back duo while Mikael Lustig and Ludwig Augustinsson are doing their best at the two flanks. What’s really important is the fact that the midfielders are helping the defense as well. Albin Ekdal and Kristoffer Olsson spend a lot of energy for going back while Sebastian Larsson and Emil Forsberg are helping the two fullbacks when they switch to defensive mode. That’s what makes this Swedish team so good – the way it finds a way to be as compact as possible on the pitch and how all players are helping each others. Sebastian Larsson is a pure example for his teammates as he’s 36-years old now, but this doesn’t stop him from playing at the highest level.


Ukraine were walking on a thin ice, but at the end they found a way to progress to the 1/8-finals. Andriy Shevchenko’s boys lost two of their games in the group stage, but their win against North Macedonia saved them from being knocked out. Now the Ukrainians must prove they can do better, because their performance in the group was simply not good enough. Shevchenko knows it and we are sure his players know it, too.


In their latest game to date Ukraine faced Austria and suffered a 0-1 defeat in Bucurest. Once again Andriy Shevchenko remained loyal to his 4-3-3 formation, but for a second time his players conceded a defeat. It was the first time at Euro 2020 when Ukraine didn’t score a single goal in the game.


Once again Dynamo Kyiv’s brilliant talent Viktor Tsygankov started the match from the bench, but entered the pitch at halftime. Tsygankov is probably the hottest Ukrainian player right now, but he approached the Euro suffering from an injury. He played in the last two matches, so don’t be surprised if Shevchenko decides to use him from the first minute against Sweden. He could turn out to be his secret weapon in the knockout phase of the competition. Tsygankov is a very technical player who loves to create danger, so that’s exactly the type of player Ukraine needs right now.


Oleksandr Zinchenko remains one of the biggest leaders of Ukraine at this moment. The Manchester City star progressed a lot in the last two years and he even won the trust of Pep Guardiola in England. For Man City Zinchenko usually plays in defense, but in the national team he’s used in midfield. Although he’s just 24-years old, Zinchenko already learned how to be a leader on the pitch and he brings a lot of confidence to his teammates. He’s going to be very important for Ukraine in the next game – not just in midfield, but also in every other phase of the game.


Exactly confidence is what Ukraine are lacking right now. It’s never easy to lose two matches in the group stage, so now Andriy Shevchenko must use his experience to help his players. The whole team is aware it barely reached the 1/8-finals, but there’s no room for making a step back now – another fight is showing up on the horizon. Ukraine are a decent team, so they need to show everyone that they are better than what they showed in the group stage. The whole nation expects this from them right now.


That’s the soccer predictions online for the Euro 2020 1/8-finals match between Sweden and Ukraine. The Scandinavians did much better in the group stage which makes them favorites here. At the same time Ukraine has enough experience to show a different face in the knockout phase. They have a manager who did it all in football, so we are sure Shevchenko knows what to tell his players. Let’s see if it’s going to work, though.