Asian Vip Bet – (high odds Asian handicap)
Asian Handicap is a kind of football and other sports betting, which first gains popularity in Indonesia. The Asian handicap is then becoming more and more popular in Europe, as online bookmakers offer these bets and the odds are very profitable. The Asian Handicap eliminates the draw of the final outcome that you can bet on a soccer match by allowing only profit or loss. Therefore, instead of betting on win, draw, loss, where your odds of success will be about 33.3% for each of these results, you can increase your chances of winning 50% by expecting only two winning or loss ways. The good thing in Asian handicap is that you can take money back if you bet on 0.0 handicap and the game finished draw.
Asian handicaps create an intriguing betting option in games that are a big favorite and are likely to get the expected result. For example, a contender for the title in a major league faces against a weaker team on his own pitch. Exit odds 1X2 suggest an easy victory for the host team. The Asian Handicap market, however, makes the match equivalent, for example, giving a line -1.5 handicap for the host. So your bet will be a winner with success with two goals difference in the title contender. That’s why Asian handicap tips are very popular and you can take advantage of our Asian Vip Bet every day.

Asian VIP Bet